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September 19, 2009
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I have just turned 65, and am told it is time to be 'digging in' for old age. Retirement? From life?? That does not sound at all good to me. There are things yet undone, things I didn't have the time or the opportunity to do. Clouds I let obscure my vision, mighty resistances, and a million excuses. But in spite of these annoying human tendencies, I have decided to turn my life upside down, inside out. I have moved from my hometown in Cedar Falls, Iowa, to Greenwich Village in the heart of New York City - on little but a hope and a prayer. I have never expected this to be a cake walk. I have been asked to share my journey, so here goes. I suspect I will either thrive beyond my wildest dreams, fail hopelessly, or land somewhere in between. I'd love to share the adventure, and invite you to travel with me over the highest peaks and deepest valleys. Perhaps we will even learn from, and inspire each other along the way!